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Cantata ''Machzor Chayim'': The Cycle Of Life
I wanted to describe the life of a religious Jew, viewed through prayers. I had then to choose and select from many important prayers and after a long process of reflection I chose seven of them, which represent for me the most important of them all. The cantata opens with the two first prayers that said when entering the synagogue: Mah Tovu Ohaleicha Ya'akov and Adon Olam. As the center of the cantata I chose the two prayers which are the most important in my opinion (of course, this is very subjective): t'filat 18 (of which I chose the K'dushah section), and Shma, which as the most famous and important of them all, receives the longest and most elaborate treatment. Prayers five and six are the prayers of death: Kaddish and El Male Rachamim and the cantata come to a closure with Oseh Shalom Bimromav, which represent for me the soul resting in peace in the high heavens.
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