where can i buy donut spare tire

where can i buy donut spare tire?

donut tires, also known as space-saver or temporary tires, are the latest evolution of spare tires. sure, they look funny, especially on modern cars with larger wheels, but if used properly, they can be a viable solution when you have a flat tire. today, most modern cars come with a donut spare tire in the … read more

5 easy steps to fix low tire pressure

5 easy steps to fix low tire pressure

not many things are worse than driving with low tire pressure. properly inflating your tires is crucial for safety, especially when you go on a long road trip or drive on the highway. fortunately, doing this requires only a few minutes of your time and little to no knowledge in cars or mechanics. you can … read more

how long can you drive on a patched tire

how long can you drive on a patched tire?

your car’s tires are the critical component that connects your car with the surface of the road you’re traveling. when you have a flat tire emergency, what is the solution for fixing it? no matter when you have a flat tire, it will be one of the most inconvenient things that can happen while you’re … read more

how to read tire size

what do tire size numbers mean? understanding your tire sizes

have you ever wondered what the numbers on your car tires actually mean? this has got to be one of the most misunderstood part of a vehicle. sometimes we just driver our card and never care to know what is on the tires. i, however, have always been curious about these numbers, and i sought … read more

tint removal

2 ways to remove window tint

window tint gives you privacy day and night, and it helps to reduce the intensity of the sunlight into your room. but if you are using a worn-out tint, you won’t enjoy these benefits. a scratch tint, an uneven tone of coloration, or even stubborn stains on it makes the window glass looks horrible. if … read more

how much does window tinting cost

how much does window tinting cost?

by tinting windows, you will reduce the impact of sun rays on the interior of the car, so there will be no fading and cracking on the car seat or dashboard. the window film for day and night privacy blocks 99% of uv rays, which means it also protects your skin. also, heat impact is … read more

rebuilt title

6 factors to consider before buying cars with rebuilt title

most times, when shopping for used cars, you come across one with a rebuilt title, and you start to ask yourself what that means. a rebuilt title is different from an ownership or salvage title. it’s completely normal to be skeptical of cars with rebuilt title, but this doesn’t always mean they’re substandard. this guide … read more

how to get a copy of your car registration online

how to get a copy of your car registration online?

2022卡塔尔世界杯预选赛时间 registration certificate is a document that acknowledges the ownership of a vehicle. however, if your certificate is stolen, or misplaced, you could always get a duplicate online. we’ve prepared this guide to answer the ultimate question on most car owner’s lips – “how can i get a copy of my car registration online? … read more

car shakes when idle

6 main reasons why your car shakes when idle

it’s completely normal for 2022卡塔尔世界杯预选赛时间 to vibrate when in motion. however, if your car does so when idle, it’s an indication of an underlying fault. 2022卡塔尔世界杯预选赛时间 in motion shakes due to the rotational movement of the engine. so, car shakes when idle tend to startle car owners into thinking the engine is about … read more

how to remove tar from car

how to remove tar from car with household & commercial products

when you ride along with a construction site or a newly constructed road, it’s easy for tar to bump into your car’s windshield, headlight or bumpers. the longer it stays, the harder it is to get off. other than this, there’s no need to worry about tar causing huge damages like destroying your car paint … read more